PEROPRESS produces
components for:

Biomedical equipment
in odontology and surgery

Weighing equipment
(levers, wedges and counterbalances)

Air conditioning systems

Electrical household appillances

Fancy goods

(special components for the drive and
control equipment of the aeronautic
and car industry)

Machinery for agricultural
and zoological
such as drinking troughs, milking
machines, spring catches and
special components

Clock and watch industry
with medium/large series productions
having critical quality requirements

Pneumatic and fluid dynamillos
(rotors, casings, butterfly screws, ring
nuts, covers, connectors and plates)

Welding accessories


Optical measuring apparatus
such as theodolites and microscopes

Electrical Items
(terminals and clamps, contacts, cable
glands, cutters)

Handles and trimmings
for doors and windows

Safety equipment
(bulbs for thermocouples,
smoke and gas sensors)

Water and gas meters

for the food industry

for the filling, labeling or packing of
coffee, ice-cream, wine

Bathroom and plumbing industry