PEROPRESS is headquartered in Novazzano, near Chiasso (Canton Ticino),in the middle of the expansive European industrial basin.

Swiss precision combined with Italian design has transformed an area with
an old propensity for metallurgy into an excellent centre for fine
and precision mechanics.

Professionalism, absolute knowledge of pressing technology, rigorous products testing and attention to quality make PEROPRESS the ideal partner
for industries throughout Europe.

A personnel skill and promotion training plan motivates each employee to work with a craftsman's care and responsibility, thus offering the Customer
the certainty of obtaining creative and constructive collaboration at all levels.

The industrial organization and the coded production procedures, that themselves ensure high quality, enhance the creative efforts of the individual even further as contributions of excellence: individual qualities
and organizational force thus lead to collective efficiency.

The production cycles do not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere, in accordance with a company philosophy that considers work as
a responsible promotion of values.